Paddleboard repair

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Just got a Firejudge paddleboard in August. The first time we used it it got cracked on the side when my son bounced off another paddleboard while riding a wave .It broke so easy . I took it to my local surf shop who does repairs and we were told it wasn't fixable because its made of PVC rather then glass or epoxy . They said it was the most poorly built board they have ever seen . They gave us piece of white vinyl and used it as a tempory patch . We called the dealer we bought it from and he said to call Firefudge worldwide in Haverhill MA but we no response , I guess they are either out of business or don't care . I'm afraid of getting water in it. I was wondering if anybody knows how to fix a board made out of PVC . THANKS

You could try Devcon Plastic Welder

And fiberglass tape. The Devcon is about $7 at hardware/box stores.

It did a nice repair job on an ABS kayak seat I cracked (did have lots of behind the scenes help from a Pnetter)

I followed the instructions here:

Good luck!

Simple Fix
West Systems 2 part G-Flex epoxy.

Perfect for fixing PVC or CPVC.

I have used it to stop leaks in CPVC pipes, as well as on plastic kayaks

You can get it in some hardware stores or any West Marine store.

If it is just a crack, sand along it to roughen it a bit. Then clean it with alcohol.

Mix some on and spread it over the crack.

If it is wide open, do the same but wet out a piece of fiberglass to make a patch.

While it is still wet, use a piece of stiff clear plastic film (like a overhead project film) and tape it down over it. The next day peel the film and tape off and your repair should be nice and smooth.

If you need more help or assistance, call up West Systems, and they will walk you through the process. They are great people!

Jack L

good advice
Good advice there but make sure you let it completely dry out before you do the repair. I’d say a week or so.

is it hollow or filled with foam?

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The website shows only two kinds of boards -
one is a conventional EPS board (Not PVC) and the other is an inflatable (Could be PVC). No information on construction. If the original poster has an inflatable, the Gflex is not going to work.

This company sounds very suspect.

I’ve never seen that brand before but looking at the page seadart supplied it is not clear to me that that is the worst board ever built. I’m not sure why people keep suggesting that. I’d be suspect of the surf shop who told you that. In fact, it sounds like the thing is very similar to a BIC Ace-Tech. There’s an eps foam blank, like any other (virtually 100%) surfboard/SUP, that is wrapped with a few layers of glass and kevlar cloth. The cloth is set with epoxy resin- just like virtually all other surf/SUP boards. Most boards stop there (well, they get painted) but this one, like the BIC Ace-Techs (HUGELY popular boards) this one gets a skin of plastic (thermo formed ABS) around the entire thing to enhance durability. In my opinion, this is an unnecessary, heavy extra layer based more on marketing than real performance but it doesn’t make the thing a POS. My guess is that these boards are probably built in the same factory, using the same materials as the BICs. In short, I seriously doubt there is anything wrong with this brand and board. You have a crack, that happens to ALL sups at some point. It is not a big deal. Dry it out and seal it with something that will stick to and seal the plastic. It looks like the rails are wrapped with PVC on top of the ABS. If your crack is on the pvc just use something that will stick to and seal the pvc. Here is the repair page for BIC Ace-Techs for reference, I’d do what it says here…