Paddleboy Molly?

I’m trying to decide among carts for my kayak–the Paddleboy Molly and the Paddleboy Tomato or maybe the Seattle Sports center-mount cart–and I need some input.

I had a Tomato once and generally I liked it (until it got washed away by Hurricane Ivan), but it got hung up on curbs, stones, etc. The Molly looks easier to store in a hatch, but I’ve searched the archives for info on the Molly, and only found two comments, which are about 180 degrees different from each other–one owner swears by the Molly and the other seems to feel like it’s a waste of good plastic and webbing.

Then there’s the center-mount cart–are these really so much better than the stern-mounts? I like the stern mount because you just lift the stern into place, attach the bungee with hook, and off you go. My boat’s not too heavy, so weight is no big deal. But as I said above, the boat can get hung up on curbs, where the bungee just continues to stretch and I eventually have to go back and lift the stern over the curb. OK, not an awful thing, but it’s irritating to spend $100+ on something and then have to do workarounds like that. Does the center mount cart avoid such problems.

And just as important, do center mount carts break down enough to fit into a hatch?

Thanks for any advice.


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You Probably Read My Review Then
Mine was the evil review.

To clarify, when I spoke of the Molly messing up on going up a curb, I meant a curb drop. How about the Fat Boy? I looked at this one at my outfitter, and it really lkooked like the tires could track in sand and over curbs. If I had the purchase to do over, I probably would have bought the Fat Boy even though it wouldn’t fit in the hatch of my Night Hawk and kept it on my back deck (maybe with a 'biner to keep it secure).

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Why not get another Tomato? I was think of the same cart for soft beach sand.


another tomato
Yeah, I probably will get another tomato–just wanted to check out other options before plunking down my hard-earned $$$.


“The road to hell is paved with works-in-progress.” -Roth