Paddlecraft in WoodenBoat

-- Last Updated: Mar-04-06 9:38 AM EST --

If you're wandering past a good magazine rack, there are some nice paddlecraft in the March/April issue of WoodenBoat.

Back in the Launchings section, there's a kayak that owner wanted built "completely free of synthetic materials". It's a cedar lapstake adaptation of a strip design, all bedded with beeswax and pine tar. There's a builder-designed strip-built 21' solo outrigger canoe that looks lethally fast. There's a quartet of restored wood-and-canvas Old Town canoes, and a nicely finished Pygmy Coho.

Up front in the Offcuts section, there's a short article about the Laughing River Camp Boat, intended for construction by teenagers. The designer states he was trying for "...a durable, easy-to-build boat that would teach boatbuilding techniques and haul enough gear to take kids on an extended float trip" with "minimal use of epoxy and fiberglass". It looks like a small decked flat-bottom skiff, best suited for protected waters, but could probably fill the role of most recreational kayaks with a bit more style.

And in the Designs section, there's a review of a 15' double-ended pulling boat.

Good fuel for the imagination...

Have a lapstraked cedar kayak
Thanks for the heads up, will look for that issue on the stands.