Paddled an Aquanaut in San Diego

Thought I would throw out just another: “Wow…is this a GREAT boat” comment about the Aquanaut. I was in San Diego for the week and had an opportunity to rent an Aquanaut from Aqua Adventures.

For those larger folks…I am 5’10", 28" inseam, 225lbs, size 12 shoe…with large thighs and a bum knee that requires a bit of deck height. I fit perfectly into the boat (without padding)…in every way.

Similar to the first brief demo of the Aquanaut, it does exactly what you want it to do…handles beautifully…easily able to use my new Pentax Optio WP(great pics btw) with more than adequate primary stability. If I weren’t building Nick Schade’s Night Heron (18’ x 20") this is definitely the boat I would purchase.


The Aquanaut is a great boat! Fun, fast, and well mannered.

No one who has paddled mine is not impressed.

Why did you not come to see me ?

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I am less than 3 minutes from AA , 6 by boat

Hey Patrick
I will come see you.

Sob sob … o… o… o kay… sob
Did you find your paddle where you left it ? : )

Hey Patrick…
Hopefully next time…had just finished up with an intense 4 day conference…and got together a bunch of folks for a group paddle…had NO idea you were so close…though probably still couldn’t have made it given our timing…you know…folks running to the airport from the kayak and all that stuff…will be back in February…perhaps then!


Got back in my Aquanaut
Tonight I got back in my Aquanaut after paddling my new Romany for the past 1.5 weeks.

The Romany is sure fun, but the Aquanaut is sweet.

I am assessing for BCU 3* on Friday. Even though the Romany is so responsive if feels as if the required skills were defined by someone in a Romany, I am taking my Aquanaut for its suredness in handling and its ability to put a smile on my face for hours.