Paddled Lake Russell today

String called earlier in the week about paddling a new to us location at Lake Russell on the border of SC and GA. We were to meet at 10 to put in. There is no new development allowed within 100 yards(?) of the lake. This buffer has to remain natural. The lake is a rugged section of the Savanah River. The wind was forecast to be 10-13 with gusts of 20 to 25. I brought the kayak I built instead of a canoe because of the winds. String and David didn’t show and there was no cell service as the ramp is in a very forested area. I knew String had Physical therapy the day before and thought the winds probably made today a no-go. So, I headed out on my own. It turned out to be a good day in spite of the wind.

Bridge across to GA.

Abandoned dock on GA side.

Plenty of coves.

First of two Osprey nests.

Lunch on an Island

This fire ring hasn’t been used in awhile.

This web has seen better times.

Second Osprey nest of the day.

Checked out Gregg Shoals ramp in the middle of nowhere. If the sign means what I think then I won’t be leaving my car there.


I appreciate the photos. We tried to get to the put in using 2 GPS and obviously failed.
While failing at navigation, it was a beautiful day in mostly unspoiled country. We did see one osprey while looking at the whitecaps and deciding it was not the best day for Pungoing.