Paddled today and it was not a nice day

It’s overcast, windy and just a perfect day for a paddleProcessing: IMG_20220817_124527931_HDR.jpg...

Every cloudy day is nice :slightly_smiling_face:


Our paddle this morning was perfect for me. It was cloudy and cool with glass like water.
We saw one power boat, a large pontoon set up for dock repair.

We woke up to rain this morning, but still got out and paddled on Lake Wateree from the state park. Cloudy with a lot that wind. It was cooler than a normal sunny paddle. Saw eagles, and herons teasing us along.

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That summer coastal storm missed us in Beantown and shot up into the Gulf of Maine. Really needed a downpour and we got essentially spit.

Windy and cloudy now. But should clear up later this morning. The surf’s kicked up. Low period stuff. But, hoping to finish work early and sneak out for some later afternoon riding.

I like cloudy and cool rather than the SUNNY and HOT that we’ve been getting.


The “perfect grey day” is a nice day for paddling indeed. Haven’t been paddling as much as I should, but I sure would rather paddle on a cloudy day than bake in the sun of a hot summer day. Not a big fan of glare either.
Why, there just isn’t any shade out there… :wink:


I was out on a lovely gray day about a week ago. I got rained on early on, then there was some blue sky and then it became gray and cool and calm and just enticing so I kept going. When I was about 6 miles from my put-in it started raining but it was just a heavy mist so I was paddling enthusiastically expecting it to get worse, but it didn’t so I just got a refreshing exercise paddle on the way back. Perfect.

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