Paddled with my grandson


Happy grandson!

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Grandkids make great paddle partners.

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Yes they do.

Of the 4 grandkids I have, I have 3 of them paddling, the 4th grandkids is 4 years old. But I will have him paddling too.


@Andy_Szymczak and @Jyak , I’m interested in the paddles your grand kids are using. If I recall correctly, you (@jyak) posted a pic of yours with a Werner Little Dipper. @Andy_Szymczak, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an ONO like that. Anyway, my granddaughter has outgrown her Heron Junior and is now in an Eddyline Skylark that’s been hanging around for awhile waiting for her. The boat seems to fit OK, but her old Werner Sprite (200 cm) is too small and a 220 cm Accent Hybrid seems large and unwieldy. I think it has more to do with shaft diameter and blade surface area than overall length, but am interested in your observations.

I custom ordered the paddle from ONNO paddles. Carbon shaft and plastic blades, 10 centimeter length adjustment. Patrick of ONNO (owner) has had some personal problems and is no longer making paddles as far as I know. The last paddle he made was one I broke when it fell off my car and somebody drove over it. The paddle that I have for the grandkids is light and the blades are not big. Easy for kids to use.

The 15 yr old use my old 240 cm Kalliste in the 140 Tsunami. She handles it well and cruises around 3.5 mph. The now 12 yr old (in the post with waves) uses my first paddle, an all fiberglass 220 cm Carlise with a large blade (unknown). She calls it her paddle. I bought a Little Dipper and an equivalent Aqua Bound, both are low angle 86 sq inches and 210 cm. They used the paddles once and didn’t like them. Too short and not enough blade area. I’m going to reintroduce the 12 yr old to the Little Dipper next time out. You can see a graph was was too choppy. I want to reduce the blade so she can grt a higher more consistent cadence. Both are fearless in waves.

Bought during covid. Only regret is the 210 length. Drove 2 hours to get those.

I’ll let you know how the Little Dipper works for her.

Thanks gentlemen. I looked at the Carlisles online but they are a bit heavy and I couldn’t find the blade area spec. I’m leaning toward the Little Dipper (though I didn’t really want to spend that much) but am also looking at the Aqua Bound Sting Ray Hybrid. They have blade surface areas of 550 cm2 and 597cm2, respectively (versus the Sprite’s 407 cm2).
Adjustable versions of the Sting Ray are available, but I’m thinking that adjustability isn’t of much value if the overall length and blade area are chosen correctly to begin with, especially as she won’t be out in rough water anytime soon, at least not in the Skylark.

The current paddles are 550 cm2 (85 sq in). I wanted the weight to be around 27 oz. The Werner cost $199 and the Aqua Bound was $225. Both are equal quality, carbon shafts and fiberglass blades. The Aqua is all black; not sure if it’s all carbon.

I feel they’ve outgrow the 550 cm2 too quickly and wish I got 597 cm2 (92.5 sq in), no less than 220 for low angle. After all, they felt the current ones are two short and didn’t have enough bite. When I bought them two years ago, the only place that had any small paddles in stock, even on the internet, was Blue Ridge Outfitters in Marysville, near Harrisburg, PA.

The Accent is 613 cm2 (95 sq in) at 33.25 oz, is heavy with the plastic plastic blades, which will make swing weight an issue. I’m looking to get at least one carbon Sting Ray, which is 92 sq in at 28 oz. Current price is $171 on clearance. I believe the youngest one still get a few years out of the Little Dipper. The 15 year old is ready for the upsize.

It’s a hard decision sizing kids. They don’t know what fits. Sizing charts suggested 190 - 200 cm, which they wouldn’t like.

Shouldn’t be hard to make a GP for a child to paddle with.


Thanks, @Jyak
Interesting idea, @castoff

After seeing that the 200 cm Sprite my granddaughter used in the OT Heron Jr. was too short for her in the Eddyline Skylark, I went with a 220 cm Little Dipper (220cm). She’ll be back in a couple of weeks to try it out. Not sure the Skylark is the right boat for her, but it’s what I have now. Fingers crossed.

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Good choice. The little dipper is a good paddle, similar to the Camano. They have to sort it out. All we can do is guide them and furnish their needs until they get a job.

The Skylark is similar to the 125 Tsunsmi, but 9 inches shorter and 10 lbs lighter. My grandaughter was used the 125 Tsunami when she was between 14 and 15 yrs old. She loved it and handled it well. She’s now 16 and in the 140 Tsunami by 24 inches wide. She picks the 240 cm Kalliste.

240 cm paddle seems way too long. I am 6’ tall and use a 210 cm paddle. If they are serious about paddling, get them something that fits.

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Agree, the Kalliste is too long and 91 to 95 sq in would be better, but its what she selected. I bought them the little dippers and neither one will use them. They don’t like 210 cm.

I have two Camanos, but they are older, longer, and rather heavy. This new one is 27 oz. even without carbon blades.

The Camano has fiberglass blades, just like the Little dipper. Its rated as 27 oz (heavier in longer version). The Kalliste is listed as 23 oz, but 27 oz in the longer size. The difference between the Camano at 100.7 sq inch and the little dipper at 85 sq inch is 15 sq inches. We’ll settle it out at some point. At least they’ll figure out what they don’t like. That’s the way to pick out a paddle. Use it and think about what you don’t like about it, then upgrade.

I believe my older Camanos have f-glass shafts too. Will have to check the Way Back machine to see what b they were selling in '07 or so. Also one of them is the heavier still bent shaft version.