Paddlelogic vs. Paddle Cart comparison

I have been paddling sea kayaks for over 15 years, but I have never used or needed a cart.

I’m now over 60 and I do quite a bit of solo paddling. Humping either of my boats to the water from a distance is getting to be a chore. I have two sea kayaks:

One is plastic, 17’ long with a 21" beam, 63 pounds and the other is composite, 15’ 3" long with a 22" beam, 58 pounds.

I am looking at making some longer carries from my car/parking area to the water on Cape Cod next month.

At the moment I’ve narrowed my selection to Paddlelogic’s 24" Trailtrekker cart or PaddleCart’s product:

Both have 12" solid wheels. One cart mounts at bow/stern while the other mounts amid-ship. Both have narrow wheels so I’m not sure of their utility on the sand I’m likely to see. Both can be broken down and stow in a hatch, which is a must.

They’re a whopping $1 apart in cost so price is not an issue.

Doe anyone have practical experience with both of these carts?

Thanks, Joe

I have a paddlelogic
It’s expensive for what it is, but if you don’t want the trouble to make your own, I’ve been happy with my paddlelogic trailtreker.

You really have to think about the size you need (I ended up ordering a 27’’ shaft)…dont hesitate to contact them for help.

What is the beam/width of your boat?
According Paddlelogic 24" would be the appropriate width from my sea kayaks.

24’’ width (Elie Strait 140XE)
Although it’s very easy to do so, I rarely dismount the cart. I got mine mainly for doing portage on rough trails.

No using the Paddle Cart? (nm)

No experience with either cart, but
experience with skinny wheels in deep sand. Using pool noodles as rollers would have been easier. Hope the sand you encounter is firmer than what we have up here.

Is there such a thing as a cart with interchangeable wheels? Skinny wheels for hardpack and fat wheels for sand would be terrific.

paddlecart is my go-to cart
I’m all about center-mount and just roll the kayak rather than carrying half the weight. Soft sand is a trick for any cart if it’s carrying a good amount of weight. You could go dually and end - mount to take some weight off the wheels for softer sand.

The paddlecart is good stuff. I’ve been using one for years, and literally have a lot of miles on it. I’ve done a fair amount of running to and from the water.

CapeFear, I actually sent an
inquiry to you several days ago regarding the paddle cart via the pnet email interface. I suspect it went into your spam folder.

Thanks, Joe

a few questions for you
as I have no first hand experience with either cart on your short list. I do however have 2 home made units and have used some manufactured ones.

In looking at respective maker’s websites, one is center mount and other near end. Each have similar size wheels and appear to offer same elevation of hull at point of contact to cart. Your choice may boil down to if you wish to have less apparent weight on your hands with center mount than end pivot unit with its “heavier” haul. Is one cart more bi-directional than other? I have found times where a push or pull is better than the other direction. The only advantage to end mount is the lower end of hull is less likely to drag vs one balanced at or near center. I would suggest center unit and in particular if you put it near end to act like the other unit.

Andy thanks for your input
Since I’ve never owned or even tried a cart I currently do not have any preferences.

Your suggestion as to a center/balanced carrying cart reinforces Capefear’s comments.