Paddler in Easton needs driver/paddler

Retired, extremely experienced (IV+), paddler with no vehicle, looking for any day paddling on class II-, just laid back cruising in old age. Can share fuel costs, for your help.16ft Esquif Prospecteur needs exercising, desperately. Would also like to canoe camp. Nahanni in 1988 private party was best c/c trip. Jacques-Cartier Tewksbury was best day trip. Now just happy to get to cruise. Thanks!

Still looking (2016) for driver/paddler near junction of Lehigh/Delaware Rivers share gas.

Easton is a census-designated place in Fresno County, CA, right?

Then there are at least two Easton’s on the east coast. You probably mean one of them, since you are talking about the Lehigh. Which one makes a difference.


Lehigh/Delaware should have helped you put it together.