Paddler in Seattle

I’m a beginner-intermediate kayaker. I took the Mountaineers beginner class but also like to do paddles that are less “intense”, and more sporadic (my schedule varies and those Mountaineers are tough!)

I’d like to find folks to meet up with to paddle out of West Seattle, the Arboretum, etc, or further out too, max of 12 nm and no more than an hour’s drive usually (though Nisqually Wildlife Refuge is my favorite). I have an Eddyline Sitka ST.


FYI my boyfriend might occasionally join us too.

Hi Allison - I am in Seattle and with the border closed I have become pretty relaxed in my paddling choices. I’ve been paddling mostly in Lake Washington this Summer but get out in Shilshole and Elliot Bays. I spend some time with the North Sound Sea Kayakers who are a good group of active folks.

Maybe meet at Montlake Playfield for a warm water paddle?

Hi 3meters, that sounds good.

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Lots of year around paddling places around Seattle. Just remember to dress for immersion all year.

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Lake Washington has cooled off to 66 degrees now so it will soon be drysuit temp for me. The Sound is always drysuit weather as far as I’m concerned. The lake level has been lowered on schedule so Montlake Playfield isn’t viable for launching. There are some other places. Sandpoint, a spot in Madison Park, etc.

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On sunny days Quartermaster Harbor on Vashon can get a bit warmer than the Puget Sound average. In the summer it’s not unusual to see people swimming, water skiing, etc. It is a nice, sheltered place to go if you just want to get some time on the water without going anywhere in particular. Launch from Jensen Pt. or Dockton. You will want to use Jensen Pt. if the tide is very low.

We used to swim in Lake Washington, but the Sound is too cold unless you are in a shallow bay. I lived on Camano Island for awhile. The sheltered bay on the east side would warm up on warm summer days when the tide came in on the warm sand. A good place for clams.

I remember a fine spring day on L Washington in April, when we rented canoes near Husky Stadium. My youngest brother and a girl we had known for years managed to capsize. It was all we could do to get them ashore. It took them about 3 hours to warm up.

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Check out the group North Sound Sea Kayaking Association. Lots of good people there: Redirecting...

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I’m a member of NSSKA and it is a good group to paddle with. Solid citizens, learning opportunities, lots of day trips and overnights. I recommend NSSKA.

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