paddler mag

does some body know of a place I can subscribe to this magazine ??? THANKS

Boarders Books has a good selection
of paddling publications

If your library subscribes to a …
…paddling mag, it’s probably full of pullout/fallout subscription blanks. Or, you can just read it at the library like some of us cheapskates do.

I just picked up a copy of Sea Kayaker and Canoe & Kayak Magazine at Borders a couple of weeks ago. Ended up decided to subscribe to both. They are both different magazines, there’s some overlap, but thought there was enough difference to make it worth subscribing to both. Hopefully they come out on alternate months, so each month we get a new kayak magazine.

thanks guys. We’ll probally get a year of paddler and when it expires, We’ll see if it’ll be renewed. We found the 15Th paddler at a thrift shop and bought it.