Paddler Rescued in Everglades

Wear your PFD…

Look at the pick he is hypothermic and wearing his pfd.

And don’t paddle alone where you have never been. Esp at 72.

@string PFD yes but I’m likely to break your rules especially as 72 is only 3 years away. PLB or Spot yes & possibly on “Stalker” mode & a VHS radio if in an appropriate area as well. Mostly I’m with a group but there are times … and solo can be fun. You do need to add a couple of levels to the risk factor.


Wonder where the boat went?

Apparently not far away:

<<His canoe?

It was halfway filled with water, and found in the area by some mangroves.

It’s still a mystery what went wrong.>>

Perhaps I made that comment bit too personal. I will turn 72 shortly but I wouldn’t do wilderness hiking alone when I was 32, because my wife had some very strong opinions about solo activity back then.
She became more adamant when I started paddling.

hope we get the backstory

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Personally, I prefer Betamax radios for my kayaking trips.

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“They may be technically better but no one uses them”.

Smile … no typo goes unnoticed. :grin: