Paddler's of the Wilderness Tripper

I’'m curious as to how many people on the board consider themselves wilderness paddlers? If you do how often and for how long to you take your wilderness trips? Where has been your favorite area to wild. trip? Also, have you ever gone alone or generally with a partner?

wildlife paddler
can’t say wilderness where I am located(too many pick folks complaint. Usually paddle and camp for a weekend thru state forest. Priative camping only,no campgrounds ,showers ect. for us. usually 3-5 people in canoes and kayaks. get to see lots of animals and few people.

I’m a wilderness tripper. Two weeks or more. Everything else is just “practice”.

Used To Do It More Often
Used to go to the BWCAW 2-3 times a year. Friend who I introduced to the area nicknamed me “Wilderness Webb” because I talked about the BWCAW-Quetico constantly and always had at least one trip in the planning stage. Used to “Live” for these trips and dream of doing such rivers as the Thelon, Hanbury, Gods, Mountain et al. Somewhere along the line, it’s become less and less important. As I get older, and since I practically live in the wilderness, I find my short trips with paddlers just as satisfying. And, as I get older, I don’t tolerate the 1000+ mile drive’s as before. Guess I’m becoming more of a “Homebody” who’s as satisfied with showing off our Ozark streams, as I used to be showing off little hidden wilderness gems to others. WW

Rest of the Story
Guess I didn’t read all your questions. I usually go in small groups of 2-4, solo rarely. Longest trip 12 days, and have been on a wilderness canoe trip at least once a year since '84. I feel differently than JJoven, though (Different strokes). I’m more akin to Pat Moore’s sentiments, I can have fun in a canoe in on a one acre pond. WW