Paddler's tarp

Anyone have any experience with this design?

It’s hard to justify $295 for a tarp but it is an interesting design and I was considering making one.

Too open.
I’m sure it makes a nice sunshade, but for rain, snow, wind? No. For a summer sil-nylon tarp, look at parawings or simply square sil-nylon tarps with webbing loops instead of grommets. I believe Campmor has them pretty well priced.


my campmor versatarp
10x10’ nylon with multiple ties was $40

Anything Mark Rogers designs and
sells will work very well but be expensive.

Overhead Tarps/Flies
I don’t have personal experience with the design you mentioned Mario, but I’d agree with Longshaddow – it looks like it wouldn’t give much protection from driving rain/wind. I wouldn’t want a tarp such as the “Paddler’s Tarp” that required a paddle to hold it up. Beyond mere sun shading a tarp/fly should be able to be used to create a sitting/cooking/gear storage area. Using the “PT” this would have to be disassembled just to take out a boat - not really very desirable or practical in the bush. The $295 price tag seems like a pretty steep tariff to me for a sunshade.

Rectangular flies with multiple reinforced lash-ties (not grommets) offer more weather protection and far are more versatile. I have a couple of the 10 X 10 rip-stop nylon flies Danny mentioned and find them to be very functional and well made (if a bit small). Here’s some URL’s for various sizes of more conventional/useful shaped flies.

Hope that helps.

Moss Vista Wing
is what I use. They have been bought out by MSR but it is a very functional tarp and I have no complaints.

More choices
Tarps are worth it when the weather is nasty. No one likes being holed-up in their tent all day.

If you want to spend that much money to get a really good tarp, check out the ones offered by Cook Custom Sewing. They come in two fabric weights, and are the best quality tarps I’ve seen (and I finally broke down and bought one!). They have lots and LOTS of sewn-in anchor loops (much better than grommets), and a special “pole patch” in the center (perhaps two on the bigger models) which, besides reducing wear and tear, has several anchor straps around it to secure the pole in place. That way, if the wind lifts the tarp, that big, dead, hardwood sapling you chose to hold up your shelter won’t come down and konk you on the head. If you really want to get elaborate, buy two, and check out Cliff Jacobson’s method for setting two tarps in a way that blocks the wind but funnels smoke out nicely (even with one tarp, Jacobson has some handy tips for adjustment and anchoring which the average person would never think of, so his tarp info is worth a look).

HOLY CRAP!! How can you even consider…
Paying that much for something so silly in concept & silly in practicality??!!

Go to an “outdoors store”, you can buy a tarp for $5-$10 or if you want a nylon tarp $20-$30.

You could even go get one of those MSR Wings for $70, but Kelty makes the same thing for $12.

Paddle easy,


Never considered
investing that much in a tarp, just wondering if anybody had any experience with that design.

I already have a “standard” rectangular tarp and was thinking of making one like that if the idea is good.

Holy Crap!! …hahahaahahahaahhhaaaa

Kelty …

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My Kelty Noahs Tarp 12 has served me well.
Under two pounds, multiple tie downs points, grommets at the corners, and a "lot" less expensive than the product mentioned.
Inexpensive, extension poles for painting, from Wally World can be easily adapted to be used as adjustable height poles for this tarp.


DIY version
Ray Jardine is one of the world’s most hardcore adventurers – arctic paddles, rowed across the Atlantic, epic hikes and bike rides. A climbing pioneer and the inventor of “friends” (a cammed piece of climbing protection). He advocates making your own equipment, including a tarptent. More information is on his website. Surf over to

I’m thinking about learning to work a sewing machine myself.

$295? Sure must be easy to separate fools from their cash.

Cooke tarps

These are used by many in the BWCA. Light, strong, lots of tie down points (not grommets), lots of options.

$295 is a bargain Coffee…
My Tommy Hilfiger tarp was $499.

HAHAHA ! :wink: