Paddles all snug and cushioned in their

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new socks!

Took your advice Mike and visited WalMart today. I cleaned out the rack of Remingtons and now my paddles are all snuggled together in their carrying/storage bags, but no longer banging against one another as they are each cushioned in their own sock too boot.

The new ones I bought seemed to be just a bit roomier than yours. A bit longer and even a wee bit wider as well.

Oh Yeah! They were less than $5 each. Price reduction. Could not afford the time and materials to sew them at that price!

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I use Gun Socks, Also
A very nice way to keep two piece kyak paddles together and keep them from getting beat up.

Paddle bag chuckle !
Heading to Florida two months ago with one canoe and two kayaks on the roof, all the paddles (two Epic Active touring, one Epic Mid wing, one Werner, one Aquabound, two carbon Zaveral and two Zaveral carbon ultralight) were all tucked neatly in their bags.

Returning the other day and unpacking, none were in their respective bags and when I started putting them back in their storage locker My poor Epic Active tourer somehow or other was bagless.

I figure I will show up at the next race which is a canoe one and open my paddle bag and discover I have a yak paddle in it.



Mine’s About Had It
Need some new gun socks myself, mine’s falling apart. Mine hasn’t seen a shotgun in years, just paddles! I’ll have to check Wally World here and see if they’re on sale. WW

Guess my paddle storage tip warrants

repeating also.

Every spring I go on the look for cheap, on sale, clearance snow board bags. For me the shorter ones with handles and dual ended zipper the full length are best. Normally find them for between $7 and $20. For you yakers the full Nordic ski bags should work well.

I like them as they are strong, handy, cheap, and very versatile. The handles can normally be used to wrap around the bag making the whole bundle smaller and quiet. They can also be used to hang the bags for storage or transport.

This years sales seem over or just about, but perhaps you can still find a few out there. Campmor did not have their normal selection, but I found a few at MC Sports.

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Those Socks
are great for wine bottles too :slight_smile: I stick a couple of bottles (bottom toward toe) in a sock then shove it up in the far reaches of the ends of my hatches when packing for kayak camping expeditions. Just don’t forget where they are :slight_smile:


Hey, Mick— I use a snowboard bag
that I got on sale,too. They do make a great way to keep all the loose stuff together. Ours has room for all the paddles and the stuff I outfit my boat with. It has a couple of pockets and the space for bindings allows room for PFDs and towels. The shoulder strap leaves both hands free to haul even more junk.

Skii Bags Work Good Too!
I store and carry five sets of paddles in a snow skii bag purchased for $9.00 from The Attic in my local REI. Although the bag is longer than my paddles, I can fold the excess length over and secure the adjustable perimeter strap through the webbing handles. (My two wooden paddles are further protected inside a second bag that has divider pockets.) In addition to a full length zipper, the bag also has three adjustable straps which makes all secure and safe for transport and storage.

My other equipment treasure is a large plastic storage container, with small transport wheels, that holds all of my paddling gear (with the exception of my paddles and carts). I also have a medium sized clear plastic container inside the big box for stashing all of my smaller items. It is great to not have to worry about what I have forgotten to pack since everything is in one big box.

Nothing mentioned above is brain surgery, but it sure adds to the convenience factor and helps to make my paddling life a whole lot simpler and easier!


I went out today and bought Remington socks at Wal-Mart for several of our paddles. I’ll feel much better about them rattling around in the trunk when they’re in the socks. I appreciate the tip.

I’m going to wally world tonight–great idea.

Downside to socks
I tried socks for my GP, but they were in a camo pattern and I lost my stick inside my apartment for two weeks.


Youth Snowboard Bag
A have a youth snowboard bag that is perfect for two piece kayak paddles up to 240cm. It holds about six, and has a pouch on the side.

Always knew you were a down to Earth

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common sense gal! :^)

Happy paddles for Happy Paddl'n!



great thread
I love threads like these. With most of my gear I have everything in some sort of bag and when I decided to back pack, car camp, mt bike, ski everything is in it’s bag. It takes my wife and I just about 30 min at most to load up all our gear and be on the road. I an new to Yaking and needed some ideas. I snowboard also so will be on the lookout for some board bags. I have a spare room with a futon in it for guests. It is also my gear room. I have a couple stainless steel roll around storage shelfs that i picked up at costco/sam’s club that has each sports gear in it’s own section in a duffle bag. One shelf I have a cardboard box that is the exact size of the shelf. I use it for all the crossover stuff like my cook stove, dishes, ect. This area is kinda messy but it makes those last minute decisions to backpacking or what ever really easy. I love being able to to be out the door in 30 min. …now if I could only find a bag for both the yaks and stuff them on a shelf…

Toe tag your socks.

There is a big down side to the socks. I have so many similar paddles that I use in slightly different situations I can not tell them apart in the socks.

Now have to pull the socks back to double check which paddle it is to make sure the right ones are packed for the trip!

Need see through socks! Extra heavy nylons? Heavy fish net stockings? ;^)

Guess I am just going to have to find some suitable tags and “Toe Tag” the socks so I can quickly find the right paddles!

Happy Paddl’n!



My wife made my paddle socks on
her space-age sewing machine.

I sew, but not certified on new super
machine yet. Besides for less than $5 each who can buy the materials and spend the time at the machine any cheaper.