paddles and decals/stickers

Do you stick any decals on your paddle ?? Wouldnt it ADD additional uwanted weight on the paddle that will leads to higher swing weight ?? :slight_smile:

How many of you even strip out those 4 werner decals from your werner paddle to save weight ??

Your kidding right?
In fact, I sprayed me some snazzy flames on my ax (it can bee seen in my profile). Mostly to up the visibility when it parts ways with me.

I can think of MANY ways to save weight…before I would worry about the stickers.

what you have on your paddle ?
just some thoughts on this lazyy rainy sunday evening :slight_smile:

What stickers or decals do you have on your paddles ?

Yes, I removed the logos
To each his/her own. After a period of time, I slowly rubbed off the logos from my paddles and (Eddlyline) kayak. Prefer the clean look. That said, I did apply (ACR) marine grade reflective patch to all my paddles. Red on the back side and white on the front. Cheers Mark

carbon paddles
Everybody knows that a paddle is a very good attention grabber at sea. If so manufacturer should paint their carbon blades to other color rather than the natural carbon’s black !!

Of course this would be bad for the paddle

“WEIGHT” ! :slight_smile: so lets just leave them naked and call em sexy carbon weave.

you’re not thinj=king big enough…
Do like bike racers do…drill out both the shaft and blades of the paddle. Use something like a 1/4" bit so the strength of the paddle isn’t (too) compromised. This should save you several ounces; much more than scraping off a few decals.

(tongue firmly in cheek)

Took mine off…
Not to save weight, more to be less tempting and also they are not the same texture as the blade face… can’t hurt…

Also I thought my CD Caribou’s lines were too nice to look like “NASCAR Kayak” so took most of the lettering off… GH

I think I will add a bunch…
…of decals, then after the next race, I can blame my last place finish on the extra weight!



Other racers will see all those stickers and think you’re sponsored! Might psych them out!