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We are looking to get new paddles for our yaks. The choice is between 230cm Fibreglass or 220cm Fibreglass. Which would be the better size and does it really make any difference? What about 230cm Aluminum? I would think the fiberglass would be lighter?

We yak on lakes and creeks and slowish rivers with the Susquehahha thrown in on occasion and are in the beginner catagory.



LIghter and shorter
For my stroke, lighter and shorter work a lot better. Carbon is a nice addition to make paddles lighter (aluminum makes for heavy paddles). Aquabound carries some carbon fiber paddles that are quite reasonably priced and very light for their price. The blade shape is another major issue, and the right shape blade will again depend on your stroke and paddling style.

Short and light
220 or smaller.



For a good idea
of paddle size and style, try the Werner paddles website, they have an online paddle fitting thingee that is pretty cool. You go thru and answer a series of questions and it tells you what paddle in their line THEY recommend. You can take that information, model, length, material, etc; and use it for any brand and price range. Plus, it is good info to have anyway, and it is fun! :slight_smile: My wife did it for both boats, sit on top and sea touring.


You didn’t say what kayks you have
and what size you are which would make a big difference.

If you have wide recreation kayaks and large folks the 230 might be OK, but if your yaks are narrow (23" or less) you should get the 220.

Also get the lightest ones you can since heavy paddles will contribute to earlier fatigue.

If you stay hooked on kayaking these won’t be your last paddles.

For what it is worth: there are good high end paddles that are adjustable in 10 cm increments.



Limitting your choices
way to much. Here a few websites to check

Lots of opinions and options, but the trend has been toward shorter paddles. I typically use a 208cm Windswift ( narrow bladed) or a 200cm Kinetic S ( large blade for me) in all my sea boats. YMMV