my paddle seems to get stuck…how do i unstick them. Can you help?

thank you

candle wax
When you finally get your paddle apart, take an old candle and rub it on your paddle shaft where the 2 ends join. This has worked for me.

First wash it thouroughly, and then …

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when it is dry, spray the matching pieces with silicon lubricant.
Do it a few times a year

jack L

store it in two pieces
break it down, rinse it thoroughly and store it in two pieces.

depends on the paddle brand
Some of the inserts from some paddle brands tend to expand with moisture so no amount of lube will fix the problem. Once they are apart (I’ve had to use a vice wrapped in a towel, to hold one end while I pulled and twisted the other to get them apart on occasion) you need to lightly sand the surface of the male sliding piece so it fits slightly more loosely. Sand very little and try assembling them, go a very little at a time until it fits properly. Then a non-water based lube will help.

Bill H.

Listen to Larryn
Larryn is right! If you leave your paddle together, when it drys out any sediment or salt in the ferrule will turn to cement. Take it apart and rinse with fresh water. Store the paddle broken down.

Larryn is right! After my paddles are
dry, I also take a dry rag and clean/dust the inside of the shafts as you’ll find sand inside. Left over sand will scratch the crap out of the mating parts.

One other thing. I’ve found that most paddles are matching, fitted sets. We’ve marked each half of those in our gear, that are the same brand/style/size, with matching numbers. Now when we want to paddle, it saves time not having to fit each together until you get the correct mate.

This is true. While epoxy is believed
to be “waterproof,” I have seen studies that show a slight expansion from water infiltration. I had to carefully sand my Werner Camano ferrule insert so that it would release with acceptable ease.

Storing a paddle in pieces might help a glass/epoxy ferrule insert dry out. But it’s possible that on a hot, wet day, the paddle might refuse to separate when coming off the river. Eventually, that fine sandpaper might be needed, to be used with great caution.

Service Rep’s suggestion
I had a paddle to stick so I called the company’s service department and their rep told me to lightly sand the connectors. It worked.

Stuck Paddle
You can read all the other comments but this one came from the President of Aquabound. Once you have separated the paddle, sand down the plastic ferrule with emery cloth until you can remove it without to much difficulty. He told me specifically to not use wax or other lubricants on the ferrule. Never had trouble separating the paddle once I performed this procedure.

I too spoke with Aquabound
with the same suggestion. I did it and it worked (for awhile). I need to sand it more again. It must swell. I purchased to newer design which i haven’t had it happen to yet.

Same here,
Aquabound Expedition got stuck 10 years ago. After light sanding, it never stuck again. Used rough and frequently, and stored in the trunk of my car. No problem.