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Anyone out there have any experience with ordering gear from the Paddleshack ( My best friend’s mom just died ten days before Christmas. He doesn’t have a drysuit and wasn’t able to enjoy winter paddling, so after she died a mutual friend organized a bunch of us to chip in and buy him one. I took charge of ordering it, and ordered a Stohlquist BPod and Bunny Suit from the Paddleshack cause they had the best deal. Anyway, I ordered on Dec. 26 and it still hasn’t shipped. I’ve called twice and both times been told that they guy who handles orders isn’t available and they’ll call me back when they know more. Frankly, I’m getting kinda upset. This is a gift for a guy who was raised only by his mother, and its a really hard time for him. Anyone have any problems like this with the people at Paddleshack before or on a personal basis with them that could help this deal move along?

paddle shack
yes, i brought things from there and they were very helpful. a likeable guy name george is the owner. be patience,things slow down due to holidays. check web site nj paddle zone by darren which is outstanding. good luck

George is a good guy
I ordered a NRS Extreme from him two years ago and he was very helpful and accommodating. Last month I ordered the Stohlquist B-pod without the tunnel and he called me and emailed twice to double check my measurements. He talked me up from the medium, which would fit me according to Stohlquist chart, but got me in the large which fits me like a glove. I ordered on a Saturday and got the suit on Tuesday via ground UPS. He was out of size large bunny suits so I bought the NRS one, and love it. I’ve had two good transactions with George, and a couple of my friends have as well. No idea why you’re having a hard time, I wish you weren’t because it casts bad light on a good dealer. Sigh.

If you check out the Jersey Shore SKA, George is on that forum, you might also try to raise him over there:;action=viewprofile;username=Shack_George



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you ordered last week, right after Christmas, over the holiday week. Most small paddling outfits are not opened for many hours in the winter. I wouldn't be surprised if folks took the week off... Was your credit card even charged?

In these days of the internet, the patience quotient has gone down a bit.

I appreciate you and your friends' sentiment in getting something that hopefully will help alleviate your buddy's grief. I think it's a nice and thoughtful gesture but don't be too surprised if that doesn't quite take away the sense of loss. That takes time and patience too.


all good

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It shipped today, they called and told me someone had misplaced the e-mail. I understand it being the holidays which makes things tight, but it still seems like it shouldn't take over a week just to locate an e-mail. But they were very apologetic, so I won't hold it against them. Anyway, I know this won't completely alleviate my buddy's grief, but if he can go out paddling that will be something to keep his mind off all that's going on.

Glad this worked out for you
I’ve always had a good feeling about Paddle Shack, they seem to be boaters moreso than retailers.