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My series of five articles on canoe and kayak techniques have been steadily and increasingly visited by anonymous readers. There have been more than a couple thousand visits to them on my blog, and some of the articles have even been taken to other sites (rather than just providing a link to them). Despite this apparent interest, virtually no comments have been left on my blog by readers, though people have referred to them, and presented links and commentary to them on other sites.

The latest was on this site, on the subject of weathercocking. Previous pulses of interest have been on the subjects of kayak self-rescue, trajectory control in pushy water, the principle of the moving pivot point and how it affects solo and tandem boat control and human relations while tandem paddling, flotation and ballast, buoyancy and gravity.

I’m surprised and pleased that so many people interested in paddlesports have found their way to my little out-of-the-way blog. I am a bit disappointed that virtually none of them have made a comment, whether critical or in praise, of these articles meant to share and increase awareness and proficiency in our mutual joy and environment. But I didn’t study and write them in order to hear from people, so no need to drop me a note unless you’d like to. I am gratified that paddlers are reading and finding my articles helpful, or at least interesting.

I have just today substantially revised “The Peripatetic Pivot Point” to make it simpler and more accessible, while retaining accuracy. In case the hyperlink doesn’t work here, just go to my blog at

The table of contents has hyperlinks built in, connecting each title to the article itself.

multiple posts?
Have to agree, what’s the purpose of the multiple posts?

For me it’ll just upset me.

Bill H.

Different titles attract different
people. Marketing.

multiple posts
The categories available are kayaking technique and canoeing technique. My Paddlesports Quick Physics articles (with the exception of the article on kayak capsize self-rescue) are directed at both canoeing and kayaking. My attention was initially attracted by several visits to my blog from from a thread on weathercocking. So I also posted a reply to that thread.

That, and the fact that I’m a new guy, is why I did what I did. I meant no harm, and I am not marketing anything, and I apologize for any unintended inconvenience or offense I caused.