Paddlewear question

Cool water, warmish air. What do you wear? I am hoping to expand my paddling season a month or so on each side. Being off the water for four or five months just isn’t cutting it any more. I’m not going to get a drysuit, so don’t even go there.

I’m thinking a semi-dry top or good paddle jacket that has a wide neo waist (like NRS Apex) over waders would do the job. I have tried waders with a wide waist belt and using PFD as a chest belt and that’s worked, but would like a little better wind/evaporation protection on top. Plus if there’s a good neo waist, that’s that much less water that could get into the top of the waders.

My personal limit for water temps is 45 degrees unless ShenandoahRiverRat gives me a call and wants to catch some winter bass.

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Sounds good. I assume you are talking
about the Approach as the fishing vessel and your winding rivers with rapids that could dunk you. All that, combined with a skirt should work. Down here, most wear waders or wet suits when the water gets below 55. In my Loon, I mostly wear rain suit pants and top…not too worried about a dunking, just hate the paddle drips on my legs and arms. As the water temp seldom gets below 55 and I’m usually no more that 30 yards from shore, I haven’t worried much about it, but suppose one day I’ll go for a swim.

Approach will be used in the cool water/warm air times.

I’ll be using the Scanoe on slow moving, lazy fishing trips in the summer when water-wear will consist of a pair of swim trunks and sunblock and it’ll be more likely that I’ll jump out to cool off as it is that I’ll take an accidental swim.

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These look interesting, don’t know if
they keep water out.

There’s a cheaper style on the website. The jackets look good too.

Thanks. Good link.
The semi-dry top is about $15 less than the NRS version (which is a paddle jacket in their parlance, but looks like a semi-dry top to me) and has a skirt tunnel (or whatever those things are called).

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I was looking at the pfd’s. Had bought
my son one, price driven. But, from the website, it looks like not a bad choice. The tops and pants look good for mild weather. May look into one of the jackets.