Paddleyak Kingfisher

Hi all.

Well it finally happened. I have just picked up what I believe is the very first Paddleyak Kingfisher in the US. Now some of you know I have 9 yaks - someone stop me please - but I just hadda have this one. The Paddleyak Kingfisher was the kayak that led me to coin “Superyak” and begin to think about a whole new class of high performance glass SOT fishin yaks. I always wanted one, but until recently couldn’t make it happen.

My first impressions: this kayak sure looks a lot better in person and in the water than on the company’s website. The two-tone finish adds a lightness and grace. It is extremely strong - perhaps the strongest glass kayak I’ve ever seen - overbuilt on purpose, designed to operate in some of the most challenging waters in the world, come surfing in off 6 to 8 footers onto nasty beaches.

I won’t go over all its unique features right now, but it’s clear to me the Kingfisher was extremely well thought out and executed by a company who is very serious about kayakfishing. Can’t wait to get it on the water, do a complete review.

No room here but took about 20 good closeups of the hull and features. More pics are here:

Tell us who carries it, it’s cost.

Very sweet looking craft!!!

Yak-a-lou, those were very good posts
you made over on I’m afraid that Flafish has a grandious view of what’s possible when trying to fend off a gator, much less a shark over 4 or 5 feet. From what I’ve seen, gators quickly drag down their prey and drown them, sharks often are slash and run. And, it only takes one bite for your leg to be gone.