Paddling a Hobie w/MirageDrive

I know some of the Hobie’s are known for their Mirage Drive systems, which I think is great for fishing, but how are those same kayaks for using just paddles instead of pedals? I’m seriously looking into getting the tandem (MirageOasis) but I would also like to learn how to paddle a kayak as well.

Thanks for your input


I could be wrong
I could be wrong. But I think you always want to have a paddle with you. What happens if the drive system fails to work properly? A paddle in the hand is better than a hand in the water.

Hobies and paddles
You are not wrong. I believe that they come with a paddle if for no other reason than the Mirage Drive can’t be used in shallow water (the flippers run aground long before the hull will). There are a number of these boats on the water around here and I’ll tell you this: They are very, very fast with the Mirage drive. The paddles that come with them don’t look all that hot, so I’d buy a better one and learn to use that. I can’t speak to the boats abilities when paddled, but they don’t look very different from other SOTs, so the paddling experience may be similar.

paddles are standard issue

Shallow water means less than 18"
unless you opt for the turbo fins. The Revolution and Adventure Islander paddle just fine. The Outback paddles ok for a boat as wide as it is. don’t know about the tandems, but assume they are fine.

Paddles are standard.
I had two of the Mirage Sport kayaks. There is a little ledge on each side of the boat with a bungee retainer so you can haul the paddle with you.

As has been noted, they DO go a bit better with the Mirage drive than with the paddles.

The Sport was 28" wide, which makes for quite a reach with a paddle.

Also, the Sport “plows” a lot of water, so trying to keep up much speed is a chore.

I think the longer boats would do better in that regard.