Paddling Acadia

Anyone have any expereince there and thoughts recommendations for a trip next Fall?

Trip length?
Day? Multiday?

check out

2-3 days
We are probably going to be there for 3 days. Either an overnight or day paddling is fine.

Thanks for the info!!

Don’t forget P.Net’s reports
There are four Acadia reports here:

Acadia is also on my “Someday” list.

Good Luck!


If you are equipped gearwise mentally

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and physcially a trip from Northeast Harbor to Baker Island is awesome..

There are reefs off of Baker that depending on winds and tides can be hazards in themselves or kick up a sea.

Leaving from NE Harbor you can go around Greening or to SW Harbor and up Somes Sound (sometimes that is a challenge due to wind funnelling).

Tides might also think of Bass Harbor and paddle the southwest corner of Mt Desert past the lighthouse(wicked currents at some tides) and into Ship Harbor.

Long Lake is quite rewarding for a freshwater paddle and tours often go around the Porcupines.

I would recommend purchasing a guidebook ..I have Dorcas Millers but its for the whole state..some parking has changed and thats the most up to date..

Off shore camping is quite limited. I dont have the 2008 MITA guidebook but the 2007 lists the Hub off Bartlett..basically a tent perching rock. Also John Island also on the nw side of MDI.

Carpe Diem Kayak

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Check with Mel and Mark at Carpe Diem:

Acadia is wonderful paddling.

I paddle

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acadia all the time---I've been there at least 20 times this year--kayakmedics suggestion about going to Baker from Northeast Harbor is a good one---you can also make the same trip but somewhat shorter byputting in at Seal Harbor---not Seal Cove--and make a somewhat longer trip starting at Southwest Harbor---if it is a relativly calm day--10- knots or less-- I would suggest going on the outside of Great Cranberry over to Baker--great ocean swells smashing up agains the rocks--and a feeling of open ocean---if the winds pick up later you can always return inside if you feel uncomfortable.

You might also want to try going from Bass Harbor out to Placentia and the Gotts and Black Island---if you do a circumnnavigation of that group you will be able to land on Little Black---it is a MITA island new last year and also on Plecentia--a lot larger and there used to be a house and farm on it(since abondoned) when I was there last year they were in the process of tearing it down. note Bass Harbor bar can get rather rough when wind opposes tide and should be avoided in high breezes.

yet another good trip is to start from Seal Cove on the west side of MDI(not Seal Harbor) and paddle out to Tinker Island in the middle of Blue Hill Bay--it's about a 3-3.5 mile open crossing so you should plan accordingly--there are two nice campsites on Tinker which can be used by the public--half the island is private and the other half owned(or leased) by Maine Coastal Heritage--leave the private parts alone---

Another trip on the west side it to put in at Seal Cove or Barletts Landing(Dorcas Millers book says that parking at Bartletts may be restricted to Island residents but that is old information---anybody can park there now) and paddle around Bartletts--the beaches on the west, north and south sides are open for public day use(don't land on the east side in front of the houses) as are Johns Island to the southeast of Bartletts and the Hub directly to the north--both are on MITA and allow for overnight camping.

Another trip involves launching at Hadley Point and going either down the east side of MDI to Bar Harbor and the Porqupine Islands, or accross the northern part of Frenchmens Bay to Hancock Point, then to Sorrento Harbor and Preble Island---a circumnavigation of Preble and back to Hadley is a long day---about a 20 mile paddle. Down to Bar Harbor and back about 12-- Finally if you do paddle out of Bar Harbor, which I would only reccommend during the off season--after September, before June due to parking restrictions. You can paddle out along the Porcupines or you can be real adventurous and paddle across Frenchmens Bay to Ironbound then circumnanvigate it, and return to Bar Harbor via Jordans and the Porqupines(be sure to take a lunch stop at the Hop-the islet at the end of long porqupine.

Ironbound has seacaves at the foot of tall cliffs on the south part of the island---if I had been a little braver when I was there last I would have gone in one---anyway the south side is open the the ocean and all cliff--only one very small beach.

But I have got to tell you MDI(or Acadia as you call it) is only the second best paddling on the coast of Maine---the best is in Stonington--56 islands in a 10 square mile area, many of which allow free camping and a kayak only launching spot and parking lot(for a small fee) I would reccomend it over MDI if you had to chose one or the other.


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Thanks for the info!!
Anymore info or sites for info about Stonington?

MITA guidebook
and Dorcas Millers book…

to get you started…

MITA membership is well worth it. Stonington can be a zoo in July and Aug and having more islands available for a possible overnight may be valuable. Isle Au Haut makes these waters relatively protected in contrast to the south shore of MDI

That said, I prefer Jonesport and Lubec…best kayaking ever.


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late july and early august are the times to avoid--I would reccommend June, September and early October.--one of the good things about Stonington is that in addition to a lot of protected water, the tides aren't much of a problem either---in Lubec or Jonesport--lot fewer people which is nice but stronger tides---particularly in Lubec where they run 18--20 feet--as opposed to 8-10 feet on the central and southern coasts of Maine---tides don't have to be a problem if you plan your trip correctly but down east you do have to take them into account more than in some other areas. Where ever you go, Stonington, MDI or Downeast, have fun. For camping and parking information on the Stonington area call Old Quarry Ocean Adventures---207-367-8977 and tell them Jon Sprague sent you.

just had a thought
I am a memeber of a paddling club—MDI paddlers–go to our website (you’ll have to google it I can’t remember the address) when you are ready to come to MDI and you can probably hook up with us when we go out—it’s at least once a week, usually on saturday but sometimes sunday or during the week.

Thanks John!!!

We are heading to Tadoussac to see whales and are thinking about dropping down to Maine to paddle.

This would be next year either right before or after Labor Day.

me an e-mail before you come and we can set something up

Will do
Once we have the dates set we will let you know!!!

Maine Trip

We’re coming to Maine in September and I saw your post. Already joined MITA and like your idea about the Stonington area. Looking for an outfitter that can equip us. We either want to do an inn to inn or possibly camping. Any suggestions you care to offer are greatly appreciated. It appears you know the area quite well. Peter Gordon