Paddling accessories storage

I couldn’t figure out a good way to store all of our stuff so I threw together a cart to make loading up and storing a bit easier. Maybe it’ll inspire you to make something a bit more finished.

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I thought my garage was stuffed!

Yeah. Hopefully that Mini Cooper will go someday but we still have a full size sedan parked on the other side along with some overhead storage too.

That’s a great idea. I have been thinking of doing something similar not quite sure what yet. I’m used to large boats that get hauled on a trailer. With canoes and kayaks there are a lot of bits that need to come together and my fear is getting to the water and missing something. Plus during the off-season I have a tendency to use things for other things of just stash them someplace never to be seen again.

I was thinking more of one wall to hang things or better yet a built out locker to store everything in.

I do like the cart idea though it would be nice to have it all out in the driveway for packing in the car. :canoe:

I’d need more than twenty of those. Not joking :joy:


Thanks. It was something that came together quickly our of need. Everything was either just leaning against the wall or hanging out in a basket. I couldn’t find anything online which is why I posted this, hoping it’ll inspire someone. I’ve kinda outgrown it a bit just in month of paddling. We’re pretty green to being out there so our collection of what we need/want has been growing.

I can see where the supplies keep growing. I have some small drawstring bags that I have been using to keep smaller items in and I have a bunch of army surplus rubberized large laundry bags that work great for larger items and they also have a cord to keep them closed. I pay about 3 bucks for them and you won’t find a tougher storage bag.

I have a good collection of cam straps and cam loops and keeping that all handy for holding the canoe on the car is also a job.

Then fishing gear for those day trips.

If we get into any overnighters that will add another level. We have all the equipment for that and most was geared to bike camping so it is all pretty compact.

Thanks for getting me thinking about this.

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Luckily the car cover I bought to use for the canoes came with a bag that I use to store all car tie down stuff.