Paddling alone, or....

The guy on the far right needs to get a lighter PFD. Looks like it’s way too heavy.

@PaddleDog52 said:
One paddle averaged 2.2 mph in easy conditions. Seems people pair off in small 2-3-4 size groups start talking stop paddling then the whole group is dragged down. Everyone slows at different times group is spread over 300 yards.

A few of us are habitual backmarkers on group river paddles. Making a point of catching every eddy and surfing every wave (or trying to) can spread the group out by almost an hour even on a short trip. Doesn’t slow down the group, 'cause we make sure we have our shuttle situation covered.

We did Nassau sound last week 8 mile out and back (16 total), 8 paddlers. Time was with the tide. We were clocking along around 4.5 to 5.5 . Top was 6.8 on my GPS. Good group of seakayakers. We had one surf ski in the group and some tried it out during the lunch/wait on the incoming tide stop.