Paddling around Hampton VA

I’m moving into the Hampton Virginia area and looking for any information on events, clubs, etc. I would definitely be interested in any groups that can help someone get into ocean kayaking since I’ve only done flatwater thus far.

Hampton paddling groups
There are two Meetup groups that you should look into:

The Virginia Paddling Meetup has many members, and many paddles, in this area, although they are nominally a Richmond group.

Hampton Roads Kayaking Meetup is the second group.

The largest kayak dealer is Appomattox River Company. They have a store in Hampton at 3009 Mercury Blvd. Be sure to go in and introduce yourself. They know many of us and will help you.

I am near Hampton
and live on the bay and do quite a bit of sea kayaking. Let me know when you get moved down here.