Paddling around Lake Havasu

Wondering if it would be worth while to haul my canoe down to the Lake Havasu area. Going South to warm up for a few weeks and do some hiking, biking and hopefully paddling. Hate to bring it down and not use it. Not sure where I’ll end up but driving down from Oregon and don’t want to drive too far.

L Havasu
As i understand it, Lake Havasu has some nice places to paddle. It’s actually on the ColoradoRiver before they drain it for the CAP project.

Girls Gone Wild always films there during SPring Break and the DVD shows a lot of water and a lot of skin.

I am planning a paddling trip there
3/4-3/8 and was there last year. It’s a great area to paddle in, especially late winter, early spring and fall. We have a Topock Gorge thread on the “getting together & going paddling” message board, you may want to check out. There may be some links or info that would help you plan your trip. Feel free to join us if you are in the area when we are down there.

Also, what have you learned about hikes in the area? I would like to hike at least one day while I am down there, or at least know about some good hiking options. Do you have any suggestions?


I checked out the Kofa National wildlife refuge on the web and it seems like a good possiblity for hiking and mountain biking. It seems like a popular place to bird watch and also has other wildlife to view. I’ll probably be heading south in a couple of weeks. I’m retired so every day is the weekend and every week a vacation. Retirement is great but you have to be so damn old.

If there’s water
take your boat. If you don’t you’ll wish you had. Anytime I go anywhere near a body of water my kayak goes with me. And take your camera. I’m sure there will be plenty of great photo ops… especially if the aforementioned Girls Gone Wild folks are there.

Thanks for the tip.
I’ll check it out. I work part-time as a nurse-midwife in a hospital based srevice, so I have lots of weekdays off as well. It’s nice to get out when there are fewer people on the trails.

Have a great trip!

nice place…
I basicaly grew up on the Colorado river from Lake Mohave to Yuma. Havasu is a large lake with alot of powerboats (depending on season & day), so becareful out in the open. Topock gorge is a wonderful place! It’s a wildlife refuge so “no skiing” for power boats, and lots of marshes and wildlife. Take the boat and have fun!


I believe it is illegal to not bring a boat to Lake Havasu. You will have to rent one if you dont bring it.