Paddling around Lake Superior

My boyfriend and I are leaving in June to paddle the 1300 miles around Lake Superior in our kayaks. We will be out for anywhere between 6 and 12 weeks. If anyone is interested in following us on our trip we will keeping online journals and posting our photos as we go. Check out our website at There is contact info there and a lot more info about our trip.

Hannah Williams

Sounds like an awesome adventure! Looking forward to tagging along via your website…


Reremind before leaving!!
That sounds amazing! Since many people will never do that trip I’m sure many will want to check in. But you need to repost this before leaving since I can’t remember last week much less that your leaving in June.

Are you going to do the paddling or is your boy friend?

I’m starting my trip in May and will probably be off of Lake Superior in June when you start, but if not, maybe I’ll see you.

The trip has begun, you can follow their adventure and read their updates.

Headed up Minnesota’s North Shore
While visiting downtown Duluth, MN last weekend, I happened to see a couple of kayaks pulled up on what is otherwise a highly developed, industrial shoreline. Drybags and other tripping gear was incongruously heaped up on the narrow strip of lawn, and I of course had to stroll over and say hi.

“Where’d you paddle from?”

“Um, Houghton, Michigan,” the guy said.

“Wow. Where you headed?”

He nodded a few times, and smiled. “Houghton. All the way around …”

It turned out to be Matt, whose website I vaguely recalled seeing months before, and a moment later Hannah returned from checking into a swanky old hotel nearby. She was excited because the desk clerk had given her and Matt the OK to haul their boats into the hotel for the night.

We chatted for a few minutes about their trip, recent weather and conditions, then I let them get on with their end of day chores. Seem like a nice couple, they’re averaging some decent mileage, and they appeared in really good spirits.

I’ll be following their trip online!

Good luck, guys!