Paddling around Mentone, AL?

I’ve been invited to spend some time with some relatives in Mentone, Alabama (extreme NE part of the state) next month. What kind of flatwater paddling (if any) can I find within 30 minutes or so of there?

Desoto Falls
Desoto Falls. Put in at the dam and head up the river. Very nice! Also check out little river canyon. Dont paddle it! just look…

Not sure how far
you’re willing to go, but Little River empties into Weiss Lake which is a pretty good place to paddle.

other options
heading north on I-59 you could go to Chattanooga and the Tennessee River. If you head west on I-24 you could go to Nickajack Lake (which is also on the Tennessee River). Either of these would be approximately 1 hour.

However, the first post is a good idea. Go to DeSoto Falls it is very close.

Desoto Falls ?
Hey hurricane, what Class water in the place you mention near Desoto Falls. I’ve seen the Little River at high water and it is formidable. Thanks.


Downstream is not so doable…

check the run index and click on little river…

DeSoto Park
From what I can see from Google Earth, it looks like the dam/falls are about 2 miles below Highway 117. Is that whole stretch paddleable? Are there any formal put-ins at the state park near the dam? There weren’t any references to canoeing or kayaking on the park’s website. Thanks for everyone’s comments so far.

Note from Park
I got this response from the park when I emailed asking about kayaking opportunities:

“You can kayak above the falls. There is not enough water running through the park in the river because of the drought.”

I appreciate the response and info. Didn’t realize that website existed.