Paddling around Philadelphia

I’m looking for places to paddle north and west of the city of Philadelphia. I recently moved out to the Downingtown area in Chester County. Been to two parks out my way, Hibernia Park in Coatesville and Marsh Creek State Park above Downingtown.

I’m not looking for rapids or anything. I am a simple paddler, usually paddling alone, with an Otter XT Super Sport. I like lakes or deep rivers/streams.

If you have any suggestions for day trips, i would greatly appreciate them.

check out dubsides website
lots of good ideas for places off the beaten track there

Pennsylvania Kayak and Canoe Group
You should definitely check out PKCG’s website and the group of paddlers that belong to the group. Yes, this is a shameless plug for my “home group.” We are an extremely active group of paddlers that offer anything from nice easy floats all the way up to people that are very serious racers.

We average 3 to 5 paddles per week during the warmer months and 4 to 6 paddles per month during the Winter months. We paddle out at Marsh Creek State Park every Wednesday now that it is warmer out. It is a great way to hook up with other like-minded paddlers. Check it out!!

Jeff P.

paddling in chester county
hey just in time for the paddling season.we having a trip on april 17 at brandywine picnic park with the outdoor club of sout jersey…[}

i do some paddling along the brandywine creek mostly the west branch and if get some good rainfall for 2/3 more days you can paddle from downington to the delaware.

I put in emberville[town]then paddle to popson near the brandywine pinic park.if interested can contact me …

west of philly
One of the most scenic areas is on the Susquahanna about 90 min. from the city. Put in just below the Holtwood Dam near Quarryville. (Lancaster Co.) Lots of islands, camping, fishing, eagles, heron etc.

Brandy wine pp
Are you pulling out @ the picnic park or continuing to the De. river ?

paddling brandywine
we putting in at brandywine pinic park and take out will be in delaware.can look up on the,for the trip in may 17.i can paddle with ya any saturday,we can meet in west chester,pa

paddling brandywine
hello just letting you know we can hook up for day trip on the west branch brandywine or east[if had some good rain 2/3 days]mostly west is paddle able any days…unless some one pull plug out…drain it out …hahaha

re: April 17th
WIsh i could make it on the 17th, unfortunately i have to work. Thanks for the info. I’ll have to look you up for other trips in the area.

West brandywine and getting back…
I’ll have to send you a note when i have some notice i’ll be going out one day. Quick question, since you seem to be an experienced paddler (i am new)…if you paddle alone, how do paddle the rivers/streams of the area? What i mean is, how do you get your kayak back up stream to your car? You are probably laughing out loud, but i assure you my question is serious.

oh yeah …right
well here more details i found old copy in my desk drawer.we meet some where and then we take 1 car to take out then drive to put in.we can put in at embreeville…paddle to shaw bridge for take out.

dont know where you live either downingtown or outside of the town we can meet at lukoilon rt 322 in west chester…or can meet you at cvs/amce shopping center better yet… so keep this in mind can get ahold of me by []

paddling brandywine
you can use mapquest for meeting/direction…use destinstion for 455 Hannum Ave, West Chester,Pa

this is Lukoil gas station on rt 322 and hannum ave.

Paddling Alone
on the rivers/streams. There are slow-moving sections of the Brandywine that allow you to park your car, paddle upstream and return on the waterway to your car without having to run a shuttle with a partner. This is also true for many other rivers in the area such as the Schuylkill and Susquehanna.

thanks for everyones help
and suggestions. I really appreciate it. Hope to get together with you for a trip sometime.

nokomixon state park