Paddling around Tarpon Springs/New Port Richey, Florida

I live in Utah, but I’m originally from St. Pete Florida. I have family there, and have considered moving back at some point? Maybe? What are the paddling options around Tarpon Springs and New Port Richey? Any paddling clubs in that area?

New Port Richey has quite a few launching points along the Cottee river that dumps out into the gulf, review the paddling app for suggestions. I put in at the splash park in Tarpon Springs that is just west of US 19.

There are three easy places to put in in Tarpon. Which one depends on what you wish to paddle in.

Going north on Alt. 19, turn left on Tarpon Ave. Take another left at the end and follow the curve around the bayou. It will take you to Craig Park ( no relation) and you can paddle the bayous or work your way up to the Anclote. It is downstream of the Sponge Docks, if that says anything to you.

Further north on Alt. 19 turn right on Live Oak. The Splash Park is on your left. It puts you on the Anclote upstream of the sponge docks.

Further north on Alt. 19, turn left on Anclote. Follow it to Anclote River Park. This park lets you out at the mouth of the Anclote, right on the Gulf.

Thanks for the info. I see that Anclote Key park has primitive camping. Has anyone paddled over there and camped? I think it’s a 3 mile paddle over there, which isn’t much on lakes around here, but I know paddling open water there with tides and boat traffic is different.

I haven’t camped at Anclote personally but I know people who have. It’s a beautiful spot but can get crowded with day trippers on the weekends. Biggest worry with making the crossing is boat traffic, and the current can get strong near the ends of the island. On a calm day it is not difficult but some navigation gear (compass, GPS or phone app) would be prudent.

There are lots of great places to paddle slightly further afield as well, springs (Weeki Wachee, Crystal River, Chassahowitzka, Homosassa and others) to the north and coastal paddling (Honeymoon and Caladesi SPs, Fort Desoto, Weedon Island) to the south.

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Been kayaking/canoeing the St. Pete area for 22 years. Great place and Tarpon isn’t bad, but a lot more choices further south. Kayaking the Anclote river is fun, pretty clear water and many islands you can explore.
I’ve camped at Anclote Island Park, but only in a boat. Worth the trip. The issue is once you get out of the river, the boats go helter skelter and don’t necessarily follow a path, so hard to predict what they’ll do. I could argue to be visible and/or go with a group. I like a florescent orange shirt.
Like Brodie mentioned, lots of other places. All good. Weedon is a hoot… do it often, easy and fun thru the tunnels. Similar with the path at Caladesi.

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