Paddling at 90

FYI, came across this article on (90 year old) Ken Johnson

He paddled with us on a Ten Thousand Islands (FL) club trip (FSKA) several years ago - though he was representing another kayak company, he tipped me off on Sterling Kayaks (of which I now own 3).


I’m only 81, But what really irritates me about this Ken guy is that he has a lot more hair than I do.


You guys are both inspirations.

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Thanks, but I’m more in the expiration category than inspiration.

I’m seriously beat up, mostly by Arthur and it’s a battle some days but you guys are still at it. I’m only 73 and it is an inspiration to hear about you.

When I raced there were a couple of guys and one woman over 90 that were still racing. I wish I had saluted them more.

Cool. Keep moving. My Dad is 97 and lives at home.

One of the hardest things as we age is getting in an out of the boat. At 72 I don’t paddle much now but love to float rivers in a drift boat with oars.

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This has been my game plan. Cycle and paddle and nordic skiing in the winter. Glad to see the plan is proven.