Paddling at Wrightsville Beach NC

I am thinking about taking a long weekend at the end of October to take the family (wife and 2 kids) to Wrightsville Beach. Does anyone have any suggestions about places to paddle? Thinking about 2 hour round trip (maybe 2 different trips) as my 11 year old does not have stamina for more than that and towing depletes me after about an hour. Also, any recommendations about accomodations? Thanks.

Paddling Wrightsville Beach N.C.
Talk to the folks at Salt Marsh Kayaks. Phone # 910-509-2989. Nice folks and they are at Wrightsville Beach. Vaughn Fulton

On the back side of Wrightsville Beach
just across from the Blockade Runner Hotel there is a great paddle where you can circle a couple of Islands and/or head out Masoboro Inlet to the ocean.

There are parking meters there, so it would be best to get dropped off.

After you put in, head north,(right)and go under the bridge. The land on your left will be Harbor Island. Hug that shore line and keep bearing left, and it will bring you to the ICW. Continue bearing left in the ICW and you will go under another bridge. From there you can take your first left which will take you back to the waterway where you first started. Cross it and go back to where you put in.

Another option is to not take that first left and continue in the ICW. Pass a second cut through, on your left and take the very next one following the channel markers. If you continue bearing left you will be in the waterway where you started and it will also take you back to where you put in after about a mile or so.

If you can’t get you and your boat dropped off you can park free and launch off Airlee Road on the mainland side of Wightsville Beach. If you can find Airlee Road follow it until it parallels the ICW, and you will see a path that leads down through the marsh to the water. There is space for a few cars to park there, but try and not block the path. Your put-in will be diagonally south opposite that first left that I mentioned


Hopfully MarkiNC will chime in here with some more ideas. That is his stomping ground.



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Wrightsville Beach is cool but pricey. Traveling 15 miles South on 421 thru Monkey Junction, Carolina Beach and Fort Fisher the highway comes to an end; a boat ramp…very good paddling with no boat traffic.

Serene, salt marsh travels, good fishing.

You can Google the area at 28449 zip code and scroll south…roger in KB

This info is helpful. I’ll keep researching the area. My kids (15 and 11)and wife like to see a variety of areas. They are not thrill-seekers re: rough water but are not intimidated by it either. It’s odd, my oldest daughter doesn’t like anything but “flat as glass” but she braces and turns with the best of them. I usually cannot keep up when she has put her mind to getting to her destination.

N.C. Paddle
I camp at Carolina State Park and put in at the Marina to paddle the Cape Fear River, Snows cut, and intercoastal waterway. I also paddle the Fort Fisher Basin which is flat unless windy. Check out the aquarium, Ft. Fisher and the history of the late Ft. Fisher Hermit. Also check " Kayak Carolina ".