Paddling Attorney

What a pile of mental garbage. Pure assumptions and generalizations, not a single declarative statement or fact.


PLEASE…PLEASE…PLEASE don’t wear your pfd

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You better run back to your clique, you are running out or things to say.


All of you. Please review the FAQ

And in particular :

Be Agreeable, Even When You Disagree

You may wish to respond to something by disagreeing with it. That’s fine. But remember to criticize ideas, not people. Please avoid:

  • Name-calling
  • Ad hominem attacks
  • Responding to a post’s tone instead of its actual content
  • Knee-jerk contradiction

Ma’am, with all due respect, these people have continuously come on my threads and polluted it with their vitriol and self serving comments. They have come to me. I have never appeared on anyone of their original threads, not one, or made a reply to any original comment they have made, not one. I have only responded to their replies to my original comments on my own thread. This fella @coronaboy has called me a “jackass” twice on This woman @willowleaf didn’t like a post I made because because it completely destroyed her argument which was not in anyway off color or offensive and using her knowledge and experience with censored my post using the member’s report option. Merely because it tore her argument apart. I welcome you to review the post personally and you tell me if it contains anything offensive or against Paddle.coms policies. Now I will admit the thread got a tad political, but the topic being strongly debated was governmental incompetence and disregard for people in general and specifically in this case this near two decade span of roller launches damaging boats and nothing being done about it.


PS: I would be more than happy if they just stayed away from me and my threads, ecstatic as a matter of fact, because I would never come near them…C’est Tout.

If you want to hire an attorney, look them up on resources that list attorneys with their specialties. If you live near a big city, start with the Yellow Pages.

You’re barking up the wrong tree. In an abrasive manner, too.

Wrong again. I am fully capable of finding finding the proper attorney or firm to gladly take this on, I have one in mind as a possibility that represented Andrew Jackson Higgins and Higgins Industries during WWII when they were building the Higgins Landing Craft and which we used to represent the Higgins Boat Project when we were building a reproduction of the Higgins Landing Craft for the D-Day Museum in New Orleans. Totally principled, ethical firm.

As for your second ridiculous point, this thread started out joking around with me and @PaddleDog52 joking around and this little “Clique” came onto “My” Thread and as I stated above polluted it with their vitriol and insinuations.They came to me, I did not and will go to them.

Good enough for you?


Sir, I swear it absolutely was NOT me who reported or censored your comments on either thread so please settle down. You had been blocked before I even posted one comment on the string – in fact I had to open your “hidden” remarks just to see what was going on.

The only thing I “pulled” at any point was your leg, hoping to defuse your sarcasm a bit. But I came to realize that you were not readily humored nor open to any advice on your crusade so I dropped out (not because you had “destroyed (my) argument”, whatever that means).

I’ve been a regular participant here for 14 years. This is a great group of folks on these forums, mostly kind and helpful people, not a “clique”, who have some pretty good experience to share, on both paddling and life in general. You did storm onto the posts with a chip on your shoulder and we tried to give you respectful advice on choosing your battles, but you just amped up your righteous indignation and got nasty on a personal level at anyone who did not share your position.

Please don’t blame me for your perceived persecution.


Ms., Miss., Mrs, Mz., Rookie ( whatever pre fix is appropriate and you accept) I want this @willowleaf woman away from me and to stop appearing on threads I have originated trying to have some fun with my friends. I have never bothered this woman, have never even appeared on any thread she has originated, or even replied to a comment she has made on another thread, not once. But she is constantly appearing on threads I have originated with her “remarks” (I will not characterize them out of politeness) interfering with me and the people I am trying t communicate with. I gave my word I would never correspond with this woman and I keep my word when I give it.If you can arrange this by whatever means you deem appropriate I will greatly appreciate it, you don’t know how much. That way no one can have any complaints.