Paddling Backwards

When paddling a canoe solo why do people recommend paddling backwards from the bow seat? Does that change the way a canoe handles? Do you sit in the bow and face the stern? just wondering

Better trim

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Puts you closer to the center of the canoe.
Yes, you would sit on the bow seat facing the stern.


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I'll give it a shot...

The stern seat is closer to the stems then the bow seat is. You can add some weight to the bow, but sitting closer to midship will help balance the boat.

Not all tandem canoes are reversable depending on seat style and thwart placement (and symmetry?).

You may also want a longer paddle to help your reach as you will get better leverage steering near bow and stern then from midship.

Those people are talking about
paddling a tandem solo.

A solo boat is paddled from the middle or just aft of the middle.

jack L

If you paddle backwards from
the bow seat while facing the stern, are you paddling forward?