Paddling Black Hills Area of S.D.

Just found out my nephews want us to go with them to Black Hills area of S.D. Thy want to visit Mt. Rushmore and Custer State parks. The wife and I have to take at least one day in S.D. to visit Des Smet to see the Laura Ingalls-Wilder museum and homestead. The boys really want to do some paddling while we’re there. Besides, what’s a vacation without paddling? Wondered if any of you had suggestions? Also, I’m thinking we could combine it with two days arround Valentine, NE and hit the Niobrara on the way from MO. Any suggestions, hints, or comments? Thanks. WW

Black Hills
Lots of smaller lakes up there. My fav was Sylvan Lake in Custer State Park. Big rocks to dive from and a really pretty setting. The biggist one is Pactola. Another nice one is Sheridan Lake.

I was statinoed at Ellsworth AFB from 1988-1994, so we saw alot of the area. Rapid Creek is okay for innertubes, but I don’t think a WW boat would have much luck.

The base offered day trips to the Niobrara. One of the people I woked with went and said that she had a really good time.

The Niobrara is great, don’t know
about SD. A side trip to Hot Springs SD is worthwhile. Evans Plunge is great swimming and waterslides. Also visit the Mammoth site in Hot Springs it is awesome and a developer donated it he deserves a lot of credit. Also take the back way from Rushmore to Hot Springs, very scenic with wild burros and pigtail curves.

WW did you get word there’s a new Yahoo group for StLouis Canoe and Kayak. You can search it.

Planning paddling trips are the next best thing to paddling, I think. Planning today, paddling the Current River tomorrow. Good times! WW

Black Hills Paddeling

Are you going to be at the Ozark Rendevous IV? The wife and I are planning to make it. We live in Rapid City, and just started paddeling last summer. We can bring some information on the Black Hills with us.

There are a lot of great lakes in the area, but most of the creeks are pretty shallow, since we have had a few dry years.

Sylvan lake, located in Custer State Park is beautiful, but small. There are some great hiking trails in that area also. Sheridan Lake is one of my favorites, about 1/2 hour from Rapid City, it has a couple of campgrounds, but a lot of power boats on the weekend. Pactola is nice, great trout fishing, but the water is usually colder than Sheridan since it is a very deep lake. South of Hot springs about 10 miles is Angastora Resevour, which is a large prarie lake. Canyon Lake, in Rapid City is a nice small lake with a great picnic area and park.

There are few whitewater guys around, here’s a link their page:

It hasen’t been updated in a while.

I’m supposed to paddle the Cheyenne River from Edgemont to Angastora in the spring, if the water levels are high enough, but I have been told that the water gets too low as the summer progresses.

Drop me a note if you need any information about the area, and I’ll see if I can help.


Thanks, Junkman
Hope to see you at the Rendevous. if you want to see some pics of previous Rendevous’ as well as some Current River Pics from today, check out my webshots albums. My pics from today are in the Winter '03-04 album. Thanks again! WW

Great Pics!
Makes me want to get out on the water right now, too bad it’s all “hard” around here. Can’t wait till spring!