Paddling Boards for Women

I want to purchase my first paddle board, have tried it and loved it. Inland lakes mostly, but want one that I can grow into, not a beginner board. Fast is good on big lakes, but it has to be really lightweight. New to SUP, plan on taking ACA instruction/instructor programming. Would love to hear from experienced SUP folks, especially women.

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Buy a race board
Skip the tankers and go right to a 12’6" race board to start … WAY more glide and efficiency + stability still there. If you decide to do some racing, will help be competitive.

Race board for women
I agree with Patrick

I bought my wife a Waterman Switchblade and she took to it like a duck to water

She has good balance and loves how much more efficient it is paddling than a short wide board

By the way Patrick I love the small wing kayak paddle you made for me- I am putting my Epic wing up for sale

Race Board
My wife just bought a race board for the same purpose you described. It was tippy the first couple times but yesterday she had no issues. It really moves. The only issue she is having is it is super light and dings easy. It takes a lot of attention off the water to keep from dinging it on stuff. You also have to be careful coming into rocky areas.

If you are careful with your equipment, go with the light race board. If you are in the North Georgia area she would love to have someone to paddle with. You could also try hers. She has two. One clunker and one fast one.


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Went to a demo day yesterday and tried a few boards. It was my first time SUPing, but the second board I tried was a 14' Bark race board and it felt fine -- no stability problems(on flat water). Speed and tracking were much better than the novice boards. The other board I really liked was the 12' Bic Ocean, which felt like a nice blend of speed and maneuverability.

Race Board
As my husband said. Just bought my first flatwater race board. Love it. A bit to get used to in the beginning but I wanted something I could grow into. I demo the Boardworks Ohana and loved it also the Morrelli Melvin more tippy but faster. I ended up with the Surftech Lahui Kai JM. All reviews I read were dead on. It is tippy but by my third time out was getting more comfortable and able to work on my paddle stroke rather than balance, as much. I just couldn’t beat the price. Another good place for research and discussion is Hey Patrick how about some SUP paddles?