Paddling boots for SOF

Need advice on paddling boots for low-volume SOF qajaq. Entering my boat requires wading out to mid calf and I’m looking for a knee-high neoprene boot. I don’t need ankle support or thick/stiff portage soles and the boot MUST be low volume to fit into my kayak. This requirement would seem to eliminate the NRS Boundary shoe and the Brooks Kamit boot.

I’m thinking that the Chota MukluK light boot (MK150) might be my best option but the soles look rather thick. Anyone have any good options or other suggestions?



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I've had a long annoying trek through various paddling shoes to wear inside my SOF. I finally settled on Kokatat Seeker boots - they are low profile and work well. I would prefer a thicker sole and non-neoprene material, but whatever. They're the best I've found up to now and I've stopped looking. They are ankle height, - there is a knee-high version called the Nomad that looks good. They are basically the Seeker with waterproof breathable nylon sleeves up to the knee. It looks expensive, but sometimes you get what you pay for.

PS I just noticed the Nomad seems to have a higher profile outsole than the Seeker, so may not be as easy to get in/out of the boat.

waterproof socks
I have such low volume sofs that anything else just won’t fit. I carry some crocs just behind the seat and have trouble squeezing them in!

did I mention low volume?


I do the same
and I don’t have a low volume as in rolling SOF. It is a replica so its not all that big and there is no way I could use anything but scuba diving socks. I use 5 mil ones and they are nice and warm. The Crocs are used off the water and jammed behind cockpit. Basically they need to be force fitted sideways which is some indication of depth I guess.

Same here…
…even rodeo socks are too HV, so I just deal with cold wet feet.

Would waders work?
I use them all winter. No bigger than 3mm socks but much much longer.

waders will work
I need to know more details like make, model, where to order, etc. (price is not an issue…just need something that won’t fill with water before I attach my tuilik)

Stohlquist Water Mocassins
I don’t own a skin boat but they did fit perfectly in a few that I’ve paddled and also in my Outer Island.


NeoSport Paddling Boats at Campmor $49
I just recieve a pair of 5mm Neoprene boots by NeoSport for $49.00 plus shipping a few minutes ago by UPS from Campmor. What a bargain! I have not paddled with them but they look and feel like they will do te job nicely.

Way too big
A SOF is hard to enter wearing bare feet, much less 5mm Hiking Boots. low profile is what’s needed. Anyone…Please help!

you need a sock…
When I get in ultra low volume SOFs, the only things that work for me are playboating socks. I have the NRS Desperado socks (a few pairs actually) as well as the NRS Rodeo socks which work just fine. They’re pretty much a neoprene sock with a smallest amount of sole that they can get away with.

Buy some neoprene, make a pattern, sew
it up and cover the seam with seam seal. This method gives you the exact minimum of material. I would also slop some seam seal on the sole for “some” abrasion protection. Most decent sewing machines will go right through 3mm neo. Bill


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Not all SOF are low volume, you know, just the low volume ones. Sounds like the socks mentioned above are what you need to get.