paddling boots

just bought nrs paddle shoe,the shoe is way to tight above the ankle.i have big calfs.any one have an idea where to get a product like this with a bigger top??

Are you talking about …
Their Boundry boots, or their kickers ?

I had the same problem with their kickers, and was going to throw them out, but my wife suggested putting a slit at the top of the instep.

I did it and now they go on and off very easy and I am a happy paddler.

I also have their water proof Boundary Boots and like them.



Oops, I just reread your post
and I guess you are talking about their Boundry boots since you mentioned your large calfs.



Which boot was it?

boots to small
there NRS paddle shoes.any other ones you know of for large calfs?

I have the Paddle Wetshoe and am having the same problem. Bought them earlier this year to replace an old pair of 5-10’s that aren’t made anymore. They’re similar to the NRS Desparado so I’ll try those next. Since they’re lower they don’t get in the way of your calf.

However, there is a bit of exposed skin above the boot and below the leg of my wetsuit that mosquitos and biting flies always find…

Give NRS a call
They are very helpful