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I live in Northampton, MA, about 2 hours west of Boston. I’m looking for people interested in canoeing with me. You’re welcome to travel in my canoe, or your own if you have one. I’d paddle anywhere within about a one hour radius of my home, which includes the Berkshires.


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Paddling your area

My name is James and I’m going to be in Billerica Ma in may don’t no exact date for my sons graduation from UMASS Lowell. I want to bring my kayak and do a couple day overnight trip on one of your rivers out there.

I’m in Montana and a experienced long distance paddler. I have done over 200 miles on lower Colorado river 130 miles on the Salmon river in Idaho. Doing 150 trip on the upper Missouri river when I get back in in late may or early June. this trip will take about 7 to 10 days. want to go

Any way If you can help me get into the water when I get out there it would be greatly appreciated.

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