Paddling Cadence Counter

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With many personal devices using electronic accelerometers and gyroscopes (smartphones, pedometers, etc.) I'm curious if anything exists for the paddling community ?

The only thing I've seen is the Excalibur kayak paddle from Talon Technology in Sydney, Australia.
But I haven't come across any small, handheld, similar, device.

Stroke count, stroke cadence, stroke velocity, force, etc. would all seem well within the realm of possibility by merely snapping a micro-device to the paddle shaft or worn on the wrist.

An Omron HJ-303 pedometer has Tri-axis (X,Y,Z) accelerometers and weighs about 1 ounce.

Have used Metronome
I have used a metronome in longer races with success. I have found a tendency for lazy bow paddlers to slow their cadence after 2 or 3 hours. Using a metronome after the adrenaline of the start wears off is helpful. I also have seen an ICF K-1 paddler use one with intimidating success.

Waterproof Metronome
That’s a pretty cool idea for paddling sports :

Doing fartlek training with a metronome might be great.

This gadget incorporates GPS, heart-rate meter, and accelerometers that tell you not only cadence, but the phasing of your force application, whether you paddle harder one side than the other, how much pitch, roll and yaw your paddling generate, etc.

Boat mounted vs Paddle mounted
Interesting to get data from the boat instead of the paddle. A little similar to what I get using Garmin Connect software from the GPS unit , but, more accurate from the accelerometer sensors. Thanks !

MiniMaXX - GPS based Accelerometer
MinimaxX GPS unit measures and analyzes data from 11 sensors – Catapult Innovations Ltd —

Rippxx GPS accelerometers
Pretty similar to the Minimaxx - both are boat mounted