Paddling Canoe with Kayak Paddles

Hello to All, This is my 1st posting of a subject. So be easy on me. I’ve been mostly a lurker in the forum. Anyway I made a wonderful discovery this past weekend. I mostly paddle sea kayaks, but I do own a Mad River Explorer 16ft and that is what I used. My wife has a hurt back and the doctor said it’s best for her not to twist her back for a while. So to make life easier on me, I decided to use a kayak paddle. Wow I found it very easy to paddle the canoe. I think from now on I will only use a kayak paddle when paddling tandem. I know I have read about this before in the forum. If any of you have experience with this and could give some insight that would be great. What size paddle should I use? What are the pros and cons of using a kayak paddle?

Thanks Mike

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No sissy paddles in a canoe!!!
In a canoe we use DOUBLE BLADE paddles, not kayak paddles. If you were paying attention you would know that! ;^)

On to your question. It is easier in some situations as you have found. You will find it more tiresome on long hard paddles where you will want to use a single blade. You want a l-o-n-g double blade for the canoe. Most use 230 cm or longer. Even as long as 250-260 cm.




This subject…
…gets tossed around with great regularity. Here’s a link to one such discussion just last week:

Native Americans
used single blades in canoes.

Voyageurs used single blades in canoes.

Boy Scouts used single blades in canoes.

Verlen Kruger used single blades in his canoes, er, semi-decked, almost kayak, sit-in canoes.

MacGregor used double blades in canoes, er, semi-decked canoe-sort-of-a-kayak Rob Roys.

Inuits always used double blades (Greenlands) in their kayaks. Except when they were using a single blade.

The Grand PooBah uses a double blade in canoes.

modern touring kayak technique demands a double blade. Except when using a single blade (see current Seakayaker Mag).

I use a double blade all of the time in a canoe except when I am using a bent-shaft, or a beavertail, or in whitewater-when-I-am-not-using-my -double blade 'cause it works for the situation.

Use what works for you. Technique is not cast in stone (it is however cast in dried mud). Do not let anyone cow you into either technique without trying each.