Paddling/canyoneering footwear

Depending upon season and conditions, my paddling footwear may range from neoprene booties to sandals to bare feet. Next month I will be doing a week of backpacking in the slickrock canyons of the Escalante (Utah), wading in the river much of the time. Footwear for such conditions is always problematic: must be supportive like a trail running shoe but fast draining and drying like a sandal, similar to requirements under some paddling conditions. I am looking at the Keen Hood River sandal and the Salomom Tech Amphib shoe: a shoe-like sandal and a sandal-like shoe. Anyone have experience paddling/hiking in either?


The Narrows
I hiked the narrows in Zion two summers back in a pair of Chaco Z-1’s with the walkabout sole. The were pretty good considering the 25 lbs on my back. I have pretty strong ankles though.

I have always liked the look of the NRS Workboot (here’s a link)

however, I’m not sure that I would want to hike long miles in them

I own a pair of shoes from Columbia that are true wet/dry hiking shoes, and they work pretty good. The closest thing I’ve seen available right now are these shoes from Salomon.

Good luck, and enjoy Utah.


those are the Salomons I am looking at and will likely go with. I will be carrying 40+ pounds on my 135 lb. body, so I need as much ankle support as possible…



I just realized that you mentioned those in your message. Teva make a lace-up water shoe called the Gamma, but they have absolutely no ankle support, so don’t bother. I’ve seen similars shoes in The Sportsman’s guide. You may want to check their website.

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