Paddling Clothing in Snow

It has been too many years since I went skiing (getting married and having a family killed the time for that) and of course none of my old ski clothing fits any more.

I do have lots of paddling clothes – paddling pants and jackets, fishing waders, and a farmer john wetsuit but still no dry suit. I go paddling when it is a bit cold March/April to Nov but not when there is snow on the ground or when the lakes are frozen over.

How well does paddling clothing do in the snow? Is it just a matter of having the right underwear on under it?

I was thinking about taking the family snow tubing this weekend at a nearby mountain for a few hours and don’t feel like buying new ski pants or a jacket when I feel like my paddling clothing should keep me dry (might look odd in green fishing waders instead of the typical black ski pants but old enough not to give a damn).

Long underwear
and fleece and a windbreaker will go a long way. There is little difference between my paddling clothing and my winter hiking clothing. I am in the White Mountains of NH-ME.

The shining advantage of ski pants though is insulation for cold chairlifts. If you are being rope towed sitting on the tube, you will be fine.

I put my Splash pants on over my Levi’s and stayed nice and dry when dealing with the blowing snow from the Blizzard.

used my paddling pants over fleece to
snowshoe last full moon at the Mount washington Hotel, 0 degrees and a wind. Actually had windproof everything and i was a bit to warm. But i would say they worked great. Only time i have ever used them to be honest.

gotta agree
I used Patagonia paddling jackets (w/expedition weight long underwear & fleece) for seven field seasons on the Antarctic Peninsula… lots of overlap between kayaking gear and cold-weather gear.

That sells me
Thanks for the advice.

In the end the wife and kid didn’t want to go because it was too cold and windy…