Paddling clothing SoCal winter

What type of paddling clothing would be recommended for sit on top kayking in southern California in wintertime? (1-3 hour long paddles along coast in morning hours)

dry suit isn’t overkill
I would wear a dry suit, but then again I have one. At $500-1000, there is a price consideration for those looking to buy.

Otherwise I’d do a 3 mm farmer john style wet suit and also have a paddle jacket handy.

Well this winter ….

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looks like the water is still 70 F. I just have a 2 mm top and board shorts for surfing now. the rate it is going I may just wear 2mm tops and 2 mm shorts all winter.

When it gets colder I have 2 mm top and shorts that I wear when the water is still above about 57 F for touring. When the water gets colder I also put on a hydroskin farmer john. When really cold 55 F water cold air I wear a 3/2 wetsuit. I splash water on myself or roll or swim to cool if I get too warm paddling.

YMMV but farmer john suits alone don't cut it for me , they flush with cold water too easily.

and as above a paddling jacket is a good investment for SOT paddling in SOCAL. NRS used to make a semi dry top called a powerhouse, I've used mine for years over a wetsuit in winter when it gets down near freezing.

San Diego
For winters here my friends and I do drytops and paddling pants (I have 1.5mm fleece ones). If I know I’m getting for skills practice I’ll do drysuit but that’s for special sessions.

As mentioned, it’s still really warm here in the water, buy in January/February it’s nice to be a little warmer, especially in the wind.

kayak wear
Dress for immersion. SOTs leave you exposed to wind and waves. Dry suit or wet suit.

Farmer john wetsuit with sit on top
I want to be prepared for water temp in winter southern california but also don’t want to overheat (which I am prone to do easily) Is overheating an issue when wearing 3mm farmer john wetsuit?

if too warm, get wet
With all paddling clothing, the easy solution if you get too warm is to get wet. Lots of cold water around you. Either splash or swim.

Padddled the Seal Beach area and the water is much warmer here this year due to El Nino. Dry top or thin neo top should be fine