Paddling Clubs along the Mississippi

We are paddling down the Mississippi River this summer and don’t know anyone in the South, below St. Louis. Can anyone give us the names or contacts for paddling clubs along the river in the south just in case we need info or help, or if anyone would like to paddle a portion of it with us? We’ll probably be down to St. Louis by early to mid September.



Not a club, but
if you don’t have it, you may want to get a copy of “By Canoe” - Nigel and Kristin Law’s account of their trip from Madison Wisconsin to the Florida Keys.

It is available from their company Savanah Canoe and Kayak - (

Down River
I know there a large group that paddles the Ms.River

in Memphis.

There are paddlers in Ms. also

We have members
from Louisiana Missouri to just south of St Louis and we’ve done supply drops for other paddlers. We can also recommend some campsites along the way. Your welcome to relay through me or join our yahoo group.

I have heard of a group in New Orleans called the Bayou Haystackers, hopefully a search will turn up something for you.



Also Not a Club

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John Rusky is our local River Guide.
Just back from a weekend with John. The River is amazing. Drop me a note when you get to Greenville or Clarksdale.
Have a great trip!

Mississippi River Trip

I’ll try your websit. We have most of our food together and are hoping to find someone halfway between St. Louis & New Orleans that would let us mail a couple of boxes of supplies and somehow bring them to us when we get down that way. It would also be nice to know good camping spots and spots to stay away from.

Thanks everyone for your help. Hope this will be fun.


There is a newly opened water trail
This first section is about 40 miles and ends at Clarksville, MO, so you could camp once there. The site is Kevin has a kayak business on the waterfront in Louisiana, MO and I’m sure if needed he’ll help you.

Likewise I can recommend campsites and one or two restaraunts along the way between Louisiana and Kimmswick MO.

Make sure you look at where I-270 crosses the Mississippi N of St Louis. For a loaded boat it may be best to take the canal around otherwise land river left immediately below the iron bridge (old rt 66) for a 200 yard portage. The entire river goes over a 4-6’drop there it’s normally NOT runnable in a loaded boat.

Contact me if I can help