Menus are corrupted for Firefox

Getting into the site doesn’t work well unless you know to get to the categories page.

No problems here with Firefox. I just follow the menu. Home > Community > Message Boards. Never had an issue. From “Community” I can either click and scroll to the bottom of the page to find “Message Boards”, or I can hover, and a few seconds later a drop-down menu appears (on my work computer, there’s not even a delay for the drop-down menu). I had a little trouble getting logged-in the first time, but I think that’s a different issue. Not trying to be contrary, just hoping that this is useful to somebody in figuring out what your glitch is.

Yeah, I’m using Firefox on my desktop right now and it is working fine–so far. The OS is Linux, but I don’t know if that makes any difference.

In order to get Firefox to work with this site, I had to uninstall and reinstall it.

I’m using windows 7, Firefox most recent update, issue just started in the last few days. The menus are so large it’s difficult to identify where to click for links and clicking on community sometimes brings up a different menu, sometimes doesn’t. Previously you just had to hold the pointer over the links, to move to community, message boards.