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Can anyone recommend any beginner paddling (kayaking) classes suitable for kids in New Jersey? I’ve been paddling canoes for years, but my 9-yr-old daughter has taken to kayaks. Since she needs some basic instruction, I’m looking for organizations (non-profit or for-profit) that hold classes for beginners.

Any suggestions are welcome.



Jersey Classes
The Jersey Paddler in Brick. I took a class there last summer and it was great, it was a small class and the instructors were great. They worked with everyone evenly and it was a fun day. The Jersey Paddler is in Brick and most of their classes are held at a lake around the corner.

I would also look at Kayak East. I am scheduled to take my first class with them later this month. Kayak East holds classes around the state.

Both supply boats or allow you to use your own.

one thing
When trying to get instruction for your daughter make sure that they have properly sized gear. There is nothing more miserable than a child trying to handle a full blown adult sized sea kayak.

Both great
Jersey Paddler and Kayak East are both great choices. We started with Kayak East 4 years ago. John is very patient and easy to get along with.


Thanks for the suggestions
Thanks for the suggestions - I’m familiar with the Jersey Paddler (bought a couple of canoes from them over the years), but I hadn’t heard of Kayak East. I’ll see what both have to offer for kids.

Thanks again.


Any more suggestions are welcome.
The Kayak East website states that you must be at least 12 to participate in the classes. Jersey Paddler is 7 and up.

Any other suggestions are welcome.



some thoughts
A few kayak symposia in Midwest have classes oriented towards kids, they even use smaller kayaks for instruction.

If there is anything of the sort in your neck of the woods could be an option for both your daughter and you.

It will, probably, be more expensive than a group class.

the has a
cabin at Sabago Lake in NJ just over the bridge , they have many other clubs there that have a bunch o programs , sorry but thats the best I’ve got . It’s a start , lol


Thank you.


The nice thing about kayaks is
Most kids can just get in them and go.

Not saying that lessons are a bad idea for some kids.

But they are not required for a kid to learn and have fun.