Paddling Decor / Decorations????


I have a room in my house that I am re-decorating that will have a paddling theme (arent’ I lucky that my wife is letting me do this!!). I am looking for stuff to put in it, but not sure what to get or where.

I am primarily looking for sea kayaking stuff, but other stuff that is paddling related would be good too.

Right now I have some charts from various locations I have paddled that I have framed. Also have a Greenland paddle, and Greenland sea kayaking books. I may try to add a brass barometer.

Do you have any other ideas for me? I have been looking on ebay but can’t find too much along the lines of sea kayaking. Some canoe stuff. May not be searching under the right key words.



Miniature SOF or wood kayak NM

Photos of the Bitches

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Not as in dogs, the race off of Wales.

Endless possibilities
There is quite a lot out there nowadays. Here are just some of the things I can recall seeing in my travels:

  1. bookends in the shape of a rowboat.

  2. glass top coffee tables in the shape of a canoe, with removable paddles.

  3. miscellaneous art work. Quite a bit out there in fact.

Kayaker Christmas Lights
Use them the way you’d normally use a night light. Someup on EBay now with 3 hours left.
Has a few things.